They who controls the spice... controls the universe.


UnDUNE II is a demake of the classic (and original) RTS game DUNE II, re-created from scratch in PICO-8.

A strategy-based resource management simulation, where three houses fight for control of the planet Dune - the land of sand and home of the spice.

This project started as a fun idea, that I expected to get done within a month or two. Well... almost 3 years later (working on & off, in my free time) - I'm happy to say that it is finally finished! πŸ˜…


πŸ‘₯ All 3 Factions (+Sardaukar)
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« All 3 Mentats (+Bene Gesserit)
οΈπŸ—ΊοΈ All 9 Mission Levels (inc. anim map w/ intros)
πŸ”Š Music + SFX remade for PICO-8 (by Gruber)
🏭 All 19 Building Types
πŸš› All 21 Unit Types
🏯 All Palace Weapons
🏨 Capture Buildings (inc. Harvesters)
πŸ› Sandworms
️⛰️ Multiple Terrain Types
️️⛏️ Spice Blooms
🌁 Fog of War
πŸ“‘ Low/High-res Radar
πŸ€– Multiple AI Opponents
πŸ’Ύ Auto-saving after each Level
πŸ“Š Level End Stats (w/ Rankings)
πŸ’Ύ ️Spanning 12 PICO-8 Carts
οΈπŸ–±οΈ Mouse/KB/Gamepad/Mobile-Friendly
⏳ HOURS of gameplay!


Mouse (Recommended)

  • LMB: Select Unit/Building,  Choose destination/target
  • RMB: Deselect/Cancel



If you've never played the original (or an old-school RTS) before, the basic principle of UnDUNE II is as follows.
Build up your base by ...building! (just remember to put down concrete slab foundations before placing your buildings, to avoid damage).

Wind Traps generate electricity to power your buildings. Refinery's take raw Spice (mined by Harvesters), which are converted into credits, to allow you to build more! Take your units and explore your new terrain.

But watch out, as you are not alone. There are two other foreign factions that will fight you for control of Dune. Not to mention the native lifeforms - such as Sandworms, which can swallow units whole!

Units can be instructed to attack enemy units and may automatically retreat when outnumbered. Harvesters will automatically try to find the closest spice, but can also be told where to mine - they'll also automatically return to base for unloading when full.

Grow your base, expand your building options as you go (more will unlock at later levels). Preserve your Construction Yard at all costs - you can't build another one!*
*(unless you have an MCV...)

Good luck! πŸ˜€πŸŽ–οΈ
...feel free to share any cool pics/vids using #UnDUNE2 hashtag
(On Windows download: Use F1 to save screenshot or F3/F4 to record GIF)


  • Improve radar quality by building a Radar Outpost
    (ensure sufficient power levels are maintained to keep operational)
  • Certain buildings require other buildings to be built before they will be available.
  • Other buildings and units will unlock at the later levels.
  • If you need credits fast, you can send a Harvester back to Refinery early.
  • Some units are only available to certain factions - such as Harkonnen Devastator, Ordos Deviator, Atreides Sonic Tank.
  • Build a Repair Centre and units will try to go directly to them get fixed without you having to tell them.
  • Build base foundations quickly by placing 4x4 Concrete Slabs (when unlocked)
  • Build a Carryall as soon as you can (via Hi-Tech Factory) - as they will pick-up/drop-off units (such as Harvesters and retreating units) MUCH faster. 
  • Trikes are fast and inexpensive - use them to scout enemy bases 
    (just make sure you're prepared for a fight once they know where you are!) 
  • Sandworms cannot "eat" units if they are on land.
  • Spice Blooms (mounds) can be shot to release payloads of spice.
  • Build an MVC and send it into corner of map + you now have a "backup" Construction Yard, should your only one be destroyed.
  • Target enemy Spice Refinery first, to stop them from earning credits
    - then go for their Repair Facility and then Unit Factories.


πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Code, PixelArt: 
- Paul Nicholas - (@Liquidream) -

🎢 Music & SFX:
- Chris Donnelly - (@Gruber_Music) -


  • οΈοΈπŸ–ΌοΈ "Dune Nights" Cover Art by Ahmad Alromeadheen (@AAlromeadheen)
  • πŸ•ΉοΈ Playtesting by Tim Hicks, Krystian Majewski, Chris Donnelly, Dylan BennettMaxwel


Current Supporter Thanks:

ThatTomHall, Vitorio Miliano,  Andrew Dicker,  Kurt Klemm,  Qristy Overton,  Tobias V. Langhoff,  Hyperlink Your Heart,  zep,  Gruber,   Mooncat,  David Meslin,  Hodge,  Nicholas Stewart.

Past Supporter Thanks:

bbsamurai,  Daljit Chandi,  Roy Fielding,  Graham Wenz,  Franz Tormer,  Damien Cirade,  Llewelyn 'NylePudding' Griffiths,  Marco Lizza,  Christopher Castillo,  Morten Schouenborg,  Oliver Hunt,  Mike Poole,  Terraflubb,  Cody Dill,  Michael Leonardi,  Wilman,  Michael Sullivan,  Osky HeRo,  Mando,  uena,  StripesbyNW,  Morgan Brown,  Bryan Lefebvre.

No Current Plans/Room to Implement:

  • Bullets don't stop at buildings/walls
  • Infantry/Trooper ability to traverse rocky terrain
  • Diff. maps for factions
  • Frigates do not deliver Harvesters or Starport orders
  • Devastator cannot self-destruct
  • AI doesn't rebuild destroyed structures


  • v1.4.1
    • FIX: Display issue caused by P8SCII changes in newer P8 builds
  • v1.4
    • ADD: End Credits screen (also accessible from main pause menu)
    • ADD: Auto-return repaired units to battlefield
    • ADD: Made it easier to start a new game/switch house
      (also via Title cart's "pause" menu)
    • ADD: Starport now has fluctuating pricing to order from
    • ADD: Prioritised AI attack  for buildings + periodic attacks until "discovered"
    • ADD: Hitpoints, Power and Arm stats added to build menus
    • ADD: AI will now retaliate against attack!
    • ADD: Atreides can now control Fremen (after initial target order)
    • ADD: Made it easier to start a new game/switch house
      (via Title cart's "pause" menu)
    • CHG: Better FOW reveal shape (was square before)
    • CHG: Launcher tanks now have minimum firing range
    • CHG: Unit order feedback
      (now deselects when tell to move - consistent with attack)
    • CHG: Unit cap now set for each faction, rather than total count
      (+now applies to soldiers created on building destruction)
    • CHG: Build menu now matches ordering of original game
    • CHG: Increased pathfinding memory (fix broken pathfinding on LVL 9)
    • CHG: Improved sprite gfx (turrets, storage silos)
    • CHG: Credit sfx interval reduced (+build/repair speed tweaked)
    • CHG: Sonic tank + Trooper fire/missile size
    • CHG: Repair rate reduced slightly (was too fast)
    • CHG: HQ Radar now shows FOW now more accurately
    • CHG: Enemy unit/turret fire FOW reveal reduced (was too large)
    • FIX: Diff. faction level req. for some buildings (Light Factory, WOR, etc.)
    • FIX: Slabs placed under units are now lost
    • FIX: Abort attack when unit is collected by carryall
    • FIX: Build Placement now ignores flying units
    • FIX: Tech tree requirements
    • FIX: Broken turrets mid-level
    • FIX: Ordos now start with Deviators not Launchers on later missions
    • FIX: Click close menu sometimes triggered radar move
    • FIX: Crash if click build with no build menu items
    • FIX: Worms can no longer "eat" flying units
    • FIX: Now only infantry soldiers are created when buildings destroyed
      (not troopers) + reduced count
    • FIX: Infantry/Troopers reduce too quickly from 3 down to 1
    • FIX: Harvester info now resets to 0% after unloading
    • FIX: AI able to build units on levels earlier than should be
    • FIX: "never the less" Typo on Harkonnen Mentat screen (bug in original)
    • FIX: Units sometimes spawning with 50% health
    • FIX: Sardaukar have heavy troopers, not infantry (on LVL 4)
    • ADD: Capturing enemy buildings! (inc. Harvester, if unloading at the time)
      NOTE: not all buildings *can* be captured, as in the original 
    • ADD: Units now auto-return to guard position if too far away
      (less cat-herding! 😸) 
    •  ADD: Build "Paused" indicator (Thx Tim) 
    •  ADD: Flashing infantry/building when targeting
      (Thx Krystian, Petr & FullThrough) 
    •  ADD: Sending units by clicking on Radar with left-click
      (right-click for old way!)
    • ADD: Soldiers appear after building destruction 
    • ADD: Units now auto-attack nearby enemy buildings (Thx Tim + Krystian)
    • ADD: Building size indicator (e.g. 2x2, 3x2, 3x3, etc.)
    • ADD: Faction prefixes for units (e.g. Ordos Raider Trike)
    • ADD: Sardaukar to LVL4 (Thx Tim)
    • CHG: Now allows selection of partially-revealed buildings 
    • CHG: Death Hand now has a smoke trail
    • CHG: Sandworm stays around now (rather than periodically appearing)
    • CHG: Improved some sprites gfx (Turret bases, Carryall, Devastator, etc.)
    • CHG: Unit speeds have been reviewed to be closer to original game
    • FIX: Pathfinding performance increase (due to mem leak)
    • FIX: BIG render performance increase (now using TLINE + diff. shadows)
    • FIX: Rocket Turrets can now shoot down Ornithopters! (I know, I know...)
    • FIX: LVL1 End state where credits target reached but nothing happens
    • FIX: If has Carryall, but no Repair Facility
      (it was dropping units ON buildings nearby!)
    • FIX: Flying units no longer affect ground-level pathfinding
    • FIX: Walls no longer smoke
    • FIX: Running over infantry was hit+miss - seems better now
    • FIX: Starport typo (Thx Krystian)
    • FIX: Placement indicator z-order (Thx Tim)
    • FIX: Harkonnen have no barracks (Thx Raphael)
    • FIX: Harkonnen  light factory can't build trikes (Thx Raphael)
    • FIX: Ordos have the raider, no trikes (Thx Raphael)
    • FIX: No faction can order Ornithopthers from the Starport (Thx Raphael)
    • FIX: Harkonnen have no barracks (Thx Raphael)
    • FIX: WOR/Trooper not available to Atreides (Thx Raphael)
    • FIX: Disappearing retreating units that reappear repaired
      (Thx Tim + Krystian's videos)
    • FIX: Sandworm "eat" anim now visible when on spice dunes
  • v1.2
    • ADD: Build limits on Units & Buildings (based on total count each type) to help performance & strategy
    • CHG: Increased repair costs - was almost free (Thx Tim) 
    • CHG: Lowered credit SFX vol (Thx Tim)
    • CHG: Performance optimisations
    • FIX: Crash when unable to auto-deploy unit near building (Thx Quang)
    • FIX: "Harkonnen" typos in mission info (Thx Tim!)
    • FIX: Siege/Rocket Tank details info swapped (Thx Tim + Maxwel)
    • FIX: IX level requirement > Lvl 7  (Thx Tim)
    • FIX: Heavy Vehicle Factory > req. Light Vehicle Factory (Thx Tim)
    • FIX: Map edge bounds for units  (Thx Tim)
    • FIX: Buildings not updating/destroying (Thx Krystian + Quang)
    • FIX: Pathfinding tweaks - hopefully better when under load (Thx spoike).
  • v1.1  
    • FIX: Atreides unable to build Troopers (thx all for reporting!)
  • v1.0  
    • Initial release
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
AuthorPaul Nicholas (Liquidream)
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, Demake, dune2, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Real time strategy, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen


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imma try this game


bruh in middle of epic battle game crash, they should pey me for time i waste

Were you playing it on PC/Download form? I would expect that to happen...

It happened to me 3 times, so I gave up on completing the game, I played on the version downloaded on Windows

How do you aqquire units? I need more attack forces but I can't find such!

You'll need to build up your base to the point where you unlock Light (+eventually, Heavy) vehicle factories.
There's a progression to unlock buildings (e.g. Windtrap > Refinery > Light/Heavy Factories) - and you won't be able to do it all from level 1.
Hope this helps.

Not exactly. There is a limit to how many units you can build. Is there a way to surpass the limit, like build more Radar/Comms posts?

Hi! I'm sorry for the dumb question but I'm having trouble getting this to play properly.  No matter which of the carts I start, it puts me straight into a game with the blue house - but I swear at one earlier point it let me pick a different house, it seems I can no longer do that.

I have tried PICO-DUNE_CREDITS, PICO-DUNE-MAIN_MIN, and PICO-DUNE_MIN.  They all eventually lead to the first mission with the blue house.  (None of the others load anything.)

I'm playing on a Pico-8 installation on a handheld system (RGB30) if that matters.  I am excited to play and would appreciate any help.


D'oh!  I'm not a smart person.  It was automatically 'saving' my progress, I needed to 'start a new game' in order to get back to the very beginning.  Sorry!

Leaving this up here to A) not hide my shame, and B) in case anyone else needs to see it.

Well, that was done like a true Atreides leader! P.S. This game made me read the book. Read the Dune book!


Fun fact for Command & Conquer fans, the Dune RTS series (which this PICO game is a fanmade remake of,) is the predecessor/inspiration for the C&Q series, and it even uses some of the same code, due to both games being developed by the same company. Also, this game is a pretty awesome remake, what a blast from the past!

ohh. just when i was about to finish of the last battle i got an β€žout of memoryβ€œ error.

tried again. but it seems that there is some memory leak.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the report (+for playing)
Alas, it is possible to overflow memory on the last level (as I ran out of code to add in all the protections I wanted).
My tip would be to not create too many turrets (as they are not counted in the unit limit). But I'd understand if you've played it enough now! πŸ˜‰


Pretty cool. But last level is unplayable garbage. 2 AI spam airstikes, while there is unplayable lags and finally out of memory crash. macos.

Wow. Thanks for that brutally honest review. πŸ˜…
Thanks for playing anyway!

FYI, if you go crazy with Rocket/Cannon turrets (as I couldn't cap them), that'll cause mem/perf issues.


Sorry, people always give feedback when there is only something wrong :D Really great game for such constrained engine.

Great game, but how do I save?

Thanks for playing (+the kind words) πŸ™‚

There's no save button, but your progress is automatically saved at the end of each level. So you can come back later and continue where you left off.



This is so much fun for a free game, oh yeah, did I mention it's free!!!!



Please make a Amiga Port :)


Very big work!


It was... πŸ˜…
Thanks for playing!

I Like the music as well!


I'm really puzzled that people are seem very shocked and amazed by this after Dune 2000, which is very easy to obtain (Certainly if you use any of the fan remakes that use different software).

Also, this is newer than all the remakes of Dune 2000. 

Is the story better or something? 

I've played Dune 2 before and the interface was just.... Hard to use. 

Hi, could some one explain me how to play this game?

I'm only able to move the 2 cars around.

(3 edits) (+1)

In addition to moving the quads around, you can click on buildings (like your construction yard) and build more buildings + units.
(Probably also helps if you've played the original game also)

For a great video (and discussion on RTS games in general), I'd recommend checking out the Lazy Devs Academy's video(s):


Hi Paul!

thank u for this gem! When my uncles played DUNE II I watched as a child :D

I recorded some gameplay from my mobile phone:) but it is in german ;)

Danke fΓΌr das Spiel πŸ‘

Alas, I don't speak German - but thankfully, YouTube's auto-translate is actually pretty good! 😁

Hi Paul, 

Loving the game, which I just downloaded the other day. I was off sick, had got quite bored, and just wanted something to distract me - mission very much accomplished!

I used to have Dune II on a PC about 30 years ago. It's a great recreation, even if some of the graphics are a bit blockier than I remember them, particularly the military units - could just be my memory though!

However, I have encountered a problem, on what I suspect is the last level. It's not the building limit mentioned in the comments below, though that does happen, then frees up again, at the point where you need to build more silos (without anything being destroyed). By the way, why can't I seem to destroy my own buildings, if I accidentally create something I realise I don't want? Maybe you couldn't in the original either - I really can't remember.  

Anyway, the problem is, about an hour and a half into that mission, after I've destroyed the Ordos, the program crashes, saying it has run out of memory, so I can't go on to finish the mission. Maybe it is related to the buildings limit, as I didn't note what I was doing the first time, but this time, I'd just created some more concrete platforms, and I think I'd just selected to create another silo, when it crashed. I'm using the MacOS version, on High Sierra, on a 2011 MacBookPro 17, with 8GB RAM.

Hopefully you can solve this in the upcoming update you mentioned. Other than that, great job, thanks! 

Kind regards, 


Hi Marcus,

Thank you for the kind words - glad it kept you occupied and entertained (mostly!)

Regarding the issue you reported - were you creating many rocket/cannon turrets?
Just wondering as the current build does not limit those structures (annoyingly) - so it's possible to overload the game that way.
If not, then not sure why you'd be getting that error - as the game should regulate resources (but clearly not quite well enough).

Either way, sorry it interrupted your gameplay.
Hope this helps and thanks for playing! πŸ™‚

P.S. - No further update planned (perhaps that was an old comment you saw?)


Hi Paul, 

Thanks for the quick response. The update comments were probably a month or two old, and yes, I always build a large defensive perimeter of rocket turrets in available spaces - as many as I can fit in - so that's probably it!

I couldn't help but laugh, when you said it doesn't limit the turrets (annoyingly), because the building limits, which have only appeared to apply on this last level anyway - I had no such issues on earlier levels, despite having more rocket turrets - are the only annoying thing about the gameplay - ha ha - though true to the original I'm sure. With that knowledge, I'm sure I can complete the game without a crash now - so many thanks.

I do hope you will do some more live strategy games in the future, as they were always my favourite kind - perhaps Dune 2000 first?  ;-)

Anyway, thanks again for the great work. 

Kind regards, 


Wow, what an outstanding port of this great game! Graphics, sounds ... like a blast from my childhood. You did a fantastic job!!!

At the moment I can only run it in my browser, my RG351P leaves me with an error message after starting the game. Maybe a later version will run on that (or another) handheld, that would be the icing on the cake ;-)

Thank you for UnDUNE II

Thanks for the kind words! 😊

What's error message are you getting?
(as I don't any of the handhelds to test with)


Phenomenal project/game. Congrats!


Thanks a lot! πŸ˜Š

Hi. I don't want to play yet as waiting for the P8 files. Are you any closer to releasing them? I think I read below that you were waiting to iron out a few more bugs first. Thanks. :)

(1 edit)

I've found a bug. In the Ordos campaign you can build a WOR Trooper Facility already in one or two of the early missions, though you can't build anything with it. Maybe that has something to do with a crash that happened me once, when accidentally building a second facility immediately after the first, and, while the second was still in construction, clicking on the icon of the first in order to build something with it.

Thanks for the bug report (+for playing)! πŸ€“πŸ‘

Hope it didn't affect ur gameplay too much.

I've found another bug, much more severe than the previous one. In the presumably last mission of the Ordos campaign after a while I can't move my units properly. They can only be moved to certain points, or not at all. Also, with none of my facilities I can build any units. That's not momentarily, I've waited a while with no change. That happened all two times when playing the mission, without being able to complete it.

Ugh, sorry to hear that. 
Alas, there is currently an issue with the last level, where it can get too complex and affect the pathfinding (I'm finishing up an update rn that should hopefullly resolve this).

Regarding not being able to build units - that's (kinda) by design. There is now a max number of units and buildings and, when reached, neither player nor AI can build until the no. of units drops (e.g. one gets destroyed). However, you should be seeing a message at the top informing you that no more can be built (perhaps this still wasn't clear tho?).
In saying that, this "race to build units faster than the AI" will hopefully get better in the next release - as the AI will give you a bit more time to get your base established.

Thanks again for the bug report!

(4 edits)

Thank you for your response. I was aware of the limit of units issue. That wasn't the case when that happened. I hadn't even built a single mobile unit when I suddenly couldn't build one. Also the message you've mentioned didn't show up. (In the last mission my buildings are getting attacked by missiles early, so I concentrated on building mining facilities, to have enough spice for repairs of buildings, and rocket turrets. Of course I also built factories for units, but, to save spice, no units.) P.S.: Maybe I had built too much rocket turrets. Does that affect how much mobile units I can build also? If yes, please correct that, in my opinion rocket turrets are buildings, not units.

hi, i cant download the file, every time i download the zip files, it doesnt have anything inside it

Hi. That's strange - I just downloaded them to test and all zip files were as expected.
Perhaps you have an overactive anti-virus getting in the way? πŸ€”



Haha, nice one!  πŸ˜‚
Looks like SOMEONE is taking full advantage of the generous unit limit πŸ˜‰



Staggering achievement! If you could demake the Cryo Dune game next we'll be friends forever πŸ˜‰

Ha! Thanks, but I think I'm all Dune'd-out! πŸ˜…


Sublime, incroyable ! 

Bravo belle conversion .

You are a genius.

WOAW really impressive <3
I really wish to try it, will you also share the P8 file ?
I have search for it on but you have miss them :(
For my part i use my licensed pico8 engine on Batocera and i can only launch p8 file. I can't use a packed game, like all other Batocera, Recallbox, EmuElec, Retrobat ... users :(
Please think to share it :)


Same here. Looking for P8 file πŸ‘€.

i wish there was a dune fps 

Waiting for those carts πŸ˜€ I want to try it on Fake-8. Looks wonderful.

me too, love playing Pico-8 on the RG280V




Hi, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-I could have never imagined how a DUNE II demake would have looked like until I saw this aproach you've taken to it, quite awesome idea and execution.

-The gameplay mechanics are quite well preserved and adapted to the demake, everything works perfectly and maybe the only thing that could be improved is the "lack" of visual feedback when you are hitting an enemy building ( I would like to see some kind of visual effect to make it more clear)

-Visually... dude it's awesome, it must have been hard to translate every element to the dimensions you where "restricted" to, but let me tell you that you have done a 10/10 work.

-Also good work with the UI too, it's really well thought and implemented.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Thanks a lot for those kind words - glad you found it fun & impressive.

Thanks also for the feedback - much appreciated. Will see what I can do! πŸ€“πŸ‘

You are welcome ^^

This is... Stunningly well done. The one major issue I have with it is the lack of ability to control multiple units at once. Though I totally understand that this is likely due to the restrictions of the format, it's juuuust a little painful when you're churning out more units that you have time to manage along with your other microing and macroing. (Which isn't that many. Maybe... 2-3 at a time..?)

Perhaps a simple solution to this might be allowing the ability to direct units somewhere using just the mini-map..?


Thanks for the kind words. 😊

With regards to the lack of ability to control multiple units at once - this was actually a deliberate choice to stay true to the original Dune 2 game.  

However, I hear you - as I would also prefer it to be as easy-to-use as possible.
You are also absolutely right with your proposal to be able to use the mini-map - as that ability was indeed present in the original (I decided to go for a 2-click approach, so you could be more precise on the destination/target - as the mini-map resolution is much lower here than in the original).  I'll see what I can do πŸ˜‰

Thanks again for playing and for your feedback!

(1 edit)

I just played the first 3 missions here in the browser and it was great. :D Congrats, excellent job!

Now I wish I could get my progress from here to my local game so I can continue, but I'll just do them again. :)

Two issues, unless I'm missing something:

  • you can't sell buildings, which is a problem if you accidentally overspend before making a refinery, because not having 400 credits to build one will force you to restart the mission - this one is important;
  • you can't tell when you need more windtraps, until you notice your radar went offline.

Hi Nicu,

Thanks for the kind words. Regarding your questions...

  1. There is actually a (not so) secret Level Warp in the pause menu when you first load the game (press ENTER key to bring up). Select to skip to Level 4 and press X (just make sure u picked a House first!).
  2. I don't believe selling building was possible in Dune 2 (which this is an attempt to demake). Think that came in with Dune 2000 (prob from an earlier C&C game). So, better to build Refinery FIRST, just in case!
  3. You can tell your power levels by selecting any of your Windtraps. They show the current power level balance of output vs. demand. If the balance gets < 0, then Outpost will fail.

Hope this help & thanks again for playing πŸ€“

(1 edit)

1. Nice! :) I noticed that, but I didn't know what to expect (other than maybe selecting unlocked missions) and I didn't use it. I replayed the missions just for fun. :)

2. I haven't played it in a long time, so maybe my "C&C" memories kicked in. :) Yeah, I guess it only takes one fail to learn to manage your credits in the early game.

3. Thanks! I didn't know how to read the numbers. I assume I should see something similar to the percentages we see in silos, but now I know.

By the way, is there a way to save during a mission, so you can resume later? I didn't notice a save feature.

Thanks a lot for your answers! The game is of course a nostalgia trip but it's still a lot of fun.

Regarding saving - alas this is possible.
But you can pause the game (by clicking either the pause icon next to window, or pressing ENTER key) and that'll freeze the game. You can then resume it another time.
(Just make sure not to close the browser window! πŸ˜‰)

Oh, this question was specific to the desktop game (Linux). I guess the browser one can save stuff in the localStorage, but I'm not sure it's worth working on that. But for the PC game it would be useful, especially with longer missions.

You should still be able to pause the game in the binary versions (inc. Linux), by pressing ENTER key to bring the menu up.

But yeah, no real "save game" mid-level, I'm afraid.


Incredible work. A perfect demake. The look, feel, and gameplay all intact.

Thank you for your generous words Quang - I'm glad to hear you weren't disappointed (odd bugs aside). 😊

Also, very much appreciate your support. You are, and will always be... Awesome! πŸ™


NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and featured :D


Awesome, thanks for the feature! 😊


Brilliant! :-)

Thanks a lot Mark - I got there in the end! πŸ˜…


Works really well and quite fun. Nice work.




Wow, well done! A PICO-8 masterpiece!


Thanks a lot! 😊

is it possible to create a p8.png to play it on a gameforce chi for example?

Yes, I plan to upload the (multiple!) carts, once I've finished tidying the code.
In the meantime, hopefully you will be able to use the Linux/RPi build on that device.

For sure I will try it!
Just a doubt about that

  • Bullets don't stop at buildings/walls

Do you mean only visually? Like they keep doing damage over the buildings/walls?


No, I mean that - unlike the original game - bullets will always try to hit the intended target, regardless of what's in front of it. They won't damage anything else - so, they kinda behave like missiles in that sense (likewise can fly over rocks).

Walls are still useful tho, as a distraction to AI attack (+also to block their access on land).

Hope this explains it better.


This is so extremely well made! The sound/music is amazing and I got sucked in from the moment I turned it on! Just brilliant!


Thanks very much for the kind words.

Yeah, Gruber (Chris Donnelly) really nailed the sound of the original on this one! πŸ‘

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