Release v1.2

This v1.2 release is a maintenance update, which includes several bugfixes (inc. silly typos!) + tweaks.
Performance is hopefully a bit better on last level (at least as best I can make it for now).

What's New

  • Build limits for Units & Buildings (based on total count each type) to help performance & strategy


  • Increased repair costs - was almost free (Thx Tim) 
  • Lowered credit SFX vol (Thx Tim)
  • Performance optimisations


  • Crash when unable to auto-deploy unit near building (Thx Quang)
  • "Harkonnen" typos in mission info (Thx Tim!)
  • Siege/Rocket Tank details info swapped (Thx Tim + Maxwel)
  • House of IX level requirement > Lvl 7  (Thx Tim)
  • Heavy Vehicle Factory > req. Light Vehicle Factory (Thx Tim)
  • Map edge bounds for units  (Thx Tim)
  • Buildings not updating/destroying (Thx Krystian + Quang)
  • Pathfinding tweaks - hopefully better when under load (Thx spoike).

Please let me know if you have any issues. 🤓

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