Release v1.3 - HUGE Update!

Release v1.3 - HUGE Update!

This update is something I've wanted to do since the initial release.
I believe I have now got ALL the features I (+fans) want in, within the space available.

Some highlights:

✅ You can now CAPTURE buildings (inc. Harvesters right as they start unloading!)
✅ Sending units by clicking on Radar with left-click!
✅ Target flash indicator for infantry + buildings
✅ Building size indicator
✅ Rocket Turrets can now shoot down Ornithopters (was painful before!)

Enjoy the update & keep the spice flowing! 🤓

v1.3 Release Notes

  • ADD: Capturing enemy buildings! (inc. Harvester, if unloading at the time)
    NOTE: not all buildings *can* be captured, as in the original
  • ADD: Units now auto-return to guard position if too far away
    (less cat-herding! 😸)
  • ADD: Build "Paused" indicator (Thx Tim)
  • ADD: Flashing infantry/building when targeting (Thx Krystian + others)
  • ADD: Sending units by clicking on Radar with left-click (right-click for old way)
  • ADD: Soldiers appear after building destruction
  • ADD: Units now auto-attack nearby enemy buildings
  • ADD: Building size indicator (e.g. 2x2, 3x2, 3x3, etc.)
  • ADD: Faction prefixes for units (e.g. Ordos Raider Trike)
  • ADD: Sardaukar to LVL4 (Thanks Tim)
  • ---
  • CHG: Now allows selection of partially-revealed buildings
  • ADD: Death Hand now has a smoke trail
  • CHG: Sandworm stays around now (rather than peridically appearing)
  • CHG: Improved some sprites gfx (Turret bases, Carryall, Devestator, etc.)
  • CHG: Unit speeds have been reviewed to be closer to original game
  • ---
  • FIX: Pathfinding performance increase (due to mem leak)
  • FIX: BIG render performance increase (now using TLINE + diff. shadows)
  • FIX: Rocket Turrets can now shoot down Ornithopters! (I know, I know...)
  • FIX: LVL1 End state where credits target reached but nothing happens
  • FIX: If has Carryall, but no Repair Facility
    (it was dropping units ON buildings nearby!)
  • FIX: Flying units no longer affect ground-level pathfinding
  • FIX: Walls no longer smoke
  • FIX: Running over infantry was hit+miss - seems better now
  • FIX: Starport typo (Thanks Krystian)
  • FIX: Placement indicator z-order (Thanks Tim)
  • FIX: Harkonnen have no barracks (Thx Raphael)
  • FIX: Harkonnen  light factory can't build trikes (Thx Raphael)
  • FIX: Ordos have the raider, no trikes (Thx Raphael)
  • FIX: No faction can order ornithopthers from the starport (Thx Raphael)
  • FIX: Harkonnen have no barracks (Thx Raphael)
  • FIX: WOR/Trooper not available to Atreides (Thx Raphael)
  • FIX: Disappearing retreating units that reappear repaired
    (Thx Tim + Krystian's videos)
  • FIX: Sandworm "eat" anim now visible when on spice dunes

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Awasome! It is similar to my Red Alert for NES but looks much better :)

Thanks, but I had more gfx capabilities than you 😉
(Nice demake BTW - great 8-bit cover of the RA theme!)

Yes, you are better artist :) 

I followed all graphics and sound limitations of target platform. But I don't know how to draw

LOL nooo! 🙈
I meant PICO-8 is more capable (read:easier!) platform!
Either way - sounds like we're both just winging it 😅

I love your style, bro. That tiny soldiers are brilliant idea. I broke my head trying to make different soldiers using sprites 8x8px. But you did it by 4 pixels (right?) Amazing

WOAW !!! great update :)
But you have again missed to share the P8 file ... with all users on Batocera and many systems we can't play your game :(
Please, really, like others, share the p8 file to let us play your game :)
I know you think your 5 versions are enough, but not, on an integrated system with ES launcher we can only play p8 games :(

Thanks, but I did not forget to share the P8 file.
While I didn't go into detail before, I probably should've addressed this earlier - so will do now.
I've not shared the P8 files yet for two reasons:

  1. I was waiting until the game was stable enough - otherwise it's yet another release type to maintain.
  2. (...and TBH this is the main reason...) I didn't want to make it any easier for ppl to scrape my game and re-upload on their crappy game websites - at least until most players have played (+given feedback) on the "official" page.  
    I've already had several sites do that with the first version without my permission (+they ignore all reqs to takedown). So as is often the case - a few bad ppl have ruined things for everyone else.

What I certainly do plan to do (quite soon), is to release a fully-working (but single-cart/level) version of the game and post to the official PICO-8 Forum/BBS (as BBS only supports single P8 files).  This would then have the P8 file, which everyone on devices - such as yours - could play. Then at some point in the future, I will release all the carts as P8 files.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Ok i understand a part of your reason ...
1. But if i understand fine, the game is always the same, it is only packed with an EXE file. It will not give you more work.
2. For this part i understand, i also work with many projects, like my RVGM video game museum, or the youtube channel RETROVISION, or also on game development wit OpenBOR, and yes it is really bad when some one take our work to share it on a crappy web site, and modify or sell it ... :( For sure i understand this point. But like you have write, some have also share your EXE game, it will change nothing if the share also a P8 file format. I think that p8 fil will not interest them anymore, not ready and easy to use. The only interest is for gamers like us on for exemple Batocera. It's why i also have ask to the author of POOM to share his p8 file, and now we can play it fine on Batocera, for users that have paid for the official engine. 
I really wish you will share your complete game in a near future, a single level is not really interesting for us, but it is a good idea for the BBS site, for sure :)
Thanks for your work and your answer