Release v1.4 - BIG Update!

Release v1.4 - BIG Update!

Well, this update grew somewhat! ๐Ÿ˜…
What started with a couple of minor bugfixes, ended up being another monster update!

Some highlights:

โœ… New "End" Credits screen (also accessible from the Title main menu)
โœ… Prioritised AI attack  for buildings + periodic attacks until "discovered"
โœ… Units that retreat to Repair Facility will now "auto-return" to the battlefield after being repaired
โœ… Better FOW shape (no longer square!) and HQ radar now shows better FOW detail
โœ… More improvements to overall performance and some gfx sprites

Enjoy the update & keep the spice flowing! ๐Ÿค“

v1.4 Release Notes

  • ADD: End Credits screen (also accessible from main pause menu)
  • ADD: Auto-return repaired units to battlefield
  • ADD: Made it easier to start a new game/switch house
    (also via Title cart's "pause" menu)
  • ADD: Starport now has fluctuating pricing to order from
  • ADD: Prioritised AI attack  for buildings + periodic attacks until "discovered"
  • ADD: Hitpoints, Power and Arm stats added to build menus
  • ADD: AI will now retaliate against attack!
  • ADD: Atreides can now control Fremen (after initial target order)
  • ADD: Made it easier to start a new game/switch house
    (via Title cart's "pause" menu)
  • ---
  • CHG: Better FOW reveal shape (was square before)
  • CHG: Launcher tanks now have minimum firing range
  • CHG: Unit order feedback
    (now deselects when tell to move - consistent with attack)
  • CHG: Unit cap now set for each faction, rather than total count
    (+now applies to soldiers created on building destruction)
  • CHG: Build menu now matches ordering of original game
  • CHG: Increased pathfinding memory (fix broken pathfinding on LVL 9)
  • CHG: Improved sprite gfx (turrets, storage silos)
  • CHG: Credit sfx interval reduced (+build/repair speed tweaked)
  • CHG: Sonic tank + Trooper fire/missile size
  • CHG: Repair rate reduced slightly (was too fast)
  • CHG: HQ Radar now shows FOW now more accurately
  • CHG: Enemy unit/turret fire FOW reveal reduced (was too large)
  • ---
  • FIX: Diff. faction level req. for some buildings (Light Factory, WOR, etc.)
  • FIX: Slabs placed under units are now lost
  • FIX: Abort attack when unit is collected by carryall
  • FIX: Build Placement now ignores flying units
  • FIX: Tech tree requirements
  • FIX: Broken turrets mid-level
  • FIX: Ordos now start with Deviators not Launchers on later missions
  • FIX: Click close menu sometimes triggered radar move
  • FIX: Crash if click build with no build menu items
  • FIX: Worms can no longer "eat" flying units
  • FIX: Now only infantry soldiers are created when buildings destroyed
    (not troopers) + reduced count
  • FIX: Infantry/Troopers reduce too quickly from 3 down to 1
  • FIX: Harvester info now resets to 0% after unloading
  • FIX: AI able to build units on levels earlier than should be
  • FIX: "never the less" Typo on Harkonnen Mentat screen (bug in original)
  • FIX: Units sometimes spawning with 50% health
  • FIX: Sardaukar have heavy troopers, not infantry (on LVL 4)

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Oh, man!! This is incredible! You make a Dune in PICO! I never think about - is it possible. PICO has some limitations. But this is a cool thinbg you make!


Thanks a lot for the kind words! ๐Ÿ˜Š