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Cool game, my favourite out of related game jam games. It is really self-explanatory/intuitive, because it is so simple, you don't need tutorial or explanation. And the game starts really easy and builds up at an appropriate pace. Although simple, the game is very engaging, love it, it also has a mean soundtrack. Good job man.

Hey, thanks a lot eNt. Very glad you liked my game!   :o)
I've started working on a "full/HD" version of this game, but I've not got very far (hoping to get it finished by the end of the year).
Alas, can't take much credit for the music - that's all "The Prodigy" ;o)
Thanks again! :D


Ha, cool! Thanks for doing another one.
I forgot how tense I made this game, got stressed just watching YOU play it! :D

This game Is awesome

Did video on it