THE BALLZ ARE LAVA! Nobody knows why - it's just always been this way. Our chance of survival is to absorb all the Green Orbs floating around, while avoiding certain death by touching the Lava - all before the time runs out!

My entry to the #FC_JAM that came 2nd Place, where the theme was "Union".


  • Mouse = Move player (Recommended)
  • Arrows = Move player


  • Endless number of levels* 
    • (Theoretically!)
  • Each level is "consistently random" -  learn the best way to win!
  • 6x Power-Ups to help you throughout the game
  • Timed levels - Race the clock!
  • High Score 
  • Familiar-sounding thumping music... *cough*



  • v1.1
    • ADD: Momentary shrink at press of button (wait to recharge)
    • ADD: New one-time shield power-up
    • ADD: Music can now be toggled on/off via pause menu
    • ADD: Particle effects for deaths & game over screen
    • ADD: Now saves highest level reached
    • CHG: Power-up animations
    • CHG: Pause power-up now works in conjunction with player power-ups
    • FIX: Title anim pos
    • FIX: Power-up pos under ui
    • FIX: Player pos jump at start of level (now controllable during countdown)
    • FIX: Game over screen/anim can now be skipped
  • v1.0: Initial version

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Published 96 days ago
AuthorPaul Nicholas
Tags8-bit, PICO-8

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