SLACKER is a tribute to the classic "stacking" game that lots of use wasted lots of time (and money) playing down the arcade. However, unlike the real one, this game is NOT rigged... (but it IS hard!)

I've even included four possible "virtual" prizes to select from, should you reach the top (who's gonna be the first to "catch 'em all" - no cheating!) ;o)


  • Z/X - Place Block(s) / Select Prize
  • Arrows - (not used)


  • 1.2: Now supports 60fps and made it a tad easier (was TOO difficult!)
  • 1.1: Removed exploit that made game too easy + added screen shake when prize drops
  • 1.0: First version
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorPaul Nicholas (Liquidream)
Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, blocks, clone, PICO-8, stacker


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i got them all... why do i feel so empty?

hey, great game, but i feel like you shouldn't let the blocks go into the wall.

Thanks a lot!  :D

I hear ya - but the original arcade game (that mine is based on) behaves like this.  If you check this video (below), the blocks kinda "collapse" (or drift off the side) as it hits the edge.  So that's why my version does it too!  ;o) 

Oh, I understand you, but in my place it just bounces off the wall. At least it makes it more challenging! Also try to make a minor prize row. 

This is really cool! :) This feels just like the real thing, from the intro and lose screens, to the gameplay, and the cute little prizes~

Thank you for the kind words Notester - really appreciate it! :)

Makes me feel a lot better about ALL the time I spent watching YouTube videos to get it as close to the real thing as I could. ;)