The Bride is coming to get her revenge... her BLOODY revenge!

  • Kill all the Crazy "Pico"-88's
  • You only have ONE LIFE, take care of it!*
    *(True in life, as well as in my pixelated game)

Made using PICO-8 in 10 Days for #MovieGameJam 2018
...where it placed 5th! (out of 115 entries)


  • LEFT / RIGHT = Move
  • UP = Jump
  • X = Swing Sword
  • Hold X + Release = Special Move



  • v1.2: Fixed player going off-screen  and the distance enemies will detect player.
  • v1.1: Added slight delay to game ending to stop accidental skipping.
  • v1.0: Initial version

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
AuthorPaul Nicholas (Liquidream)
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, kill-bill, moviegamejam, PICO-8, Retro
Average sessionA few seconds


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i love the music :D ,

p8 file, possible?

I love how stupid it is!

i would say Kill Bill was a good movie


I love the in-game music


Awesome game!

Thanks a lot! 😊


Wow this is so great. I'd love to see this expanded with more types of attacks etc.

Thanks a lot! 😊
Maybe some day...


Noice :)


The revenge was good thank you :)

Demasiado fácil, me lo he pasado en el primer intento

Estaría bien un modo Enless o Arcade y que hayan jefes y más de un tipo de enemigo con estrategias diferentes para matarlos.

A, y por último. Hay una técnica muy poderosa que consiste en saltar, cargar ataque y antes de tocar el suelo liberarlo. Esta técnica se debería hacer nerf.


Thanks Pazzap2,
Glad you finally got to the prize line! :D


I loved the idea, but it definitely needed sound effects and a better mechanic.

Yeah, I ran outta time during the Game Jam to add extra stuff like that.
But thanks a lot for playing (and for the feedback) :D

(1 edit)

Ame este juego! Gracias!

Somehow I really like the artstyle of this game.

Hey I recorded a quick video if you would like to check it out! :)
(1 edit)

Thank you Nada for featuring my #MovieGameJam entry.
I love hearing the joy/surprise/relief when ppl complete my games.
Glad you thought it was a good craic! :D

(P.S. - Love that 80's intro - so retro!)

videos been uploaded and the game rocks!! Im the champion and the game is Savage! Also never cheat on ur wife or u kniw shes crazy 

The Awesome Game. Let me know if you make more.

Haha! That was... Savage! :D
Your reviews are always "unique", and this one's no exception! ;o)  #NippleGate
But seriously, thanks for playing - sorry to hear ur still having audio/capture issues.
Laters! :D

Heres the Savage Game

This Is an Awesome game

One of the best games here! What can I say, I love how the tutorial is implemented, and the movement and the enemies are great. My only pointer would be in the action: some variations in the bride's attacks and an anticipation window in the enemy's attack animation would be appreciated. Otherwise, fantastic job.


Oh wow, thank you very much - your comment just made my day! :D
Great feedback too, much appreciated - I like the idea of the enemy "anticipation".
Thanks again for your kind words and for playing! :D

thought it was a fun little pixel arcade game! good job!

Thansk a lot! :D

Perfect... now where's my O'ren Ishii boss fight!


Haha, that was fun!  :D
Thanks a lot for playing.
Glad ur also a fan of the-  *record scratch*

Wait a minute...

Is that a REAL samurai sword you’re holding!?   :-0

No WONDER you beat the game first time!   ;o)

I'm frankly amazed at how good you can make a short game with such a simple premise.  Super well executed, great work!


Aw shucks, thank you VERY much for your lovely comments.
You just made my day! :D
Glad you enjoyed it.

AWESOME submisson for the Movie Game Jam!! Really captured the scene and music spot on in glorious 8-bit style. I felt badass while playing it, just like Uma Thurman in the movie. I would honestly love to see this expanded on including more fights from the movies. Simple to pick up and play and most importantly fun. 5/5  


Hey, thank you SO much for this review (great thumbnail BTW!)
Really glad you enjoyed it - you'd be surprised how many ppl still haven't seen Kill Bill!
You're not the first to notice the "Feature" of letting the player go off-screen. Might have to do a sneaky update - dunno, I kinda like it catching people out! *Mwahahah*
Anyways, thanks again and stay Awesome! :D

hi my friend, your game is cool. i am new  and the web.

great game!

Hey, thanks a lot! :D

Great game!!!

Ps: Was this inspierd by the first KILL BILL! movie?

Thanks a lot! :D

Yeah, it was inspired by the "Crazy 88's" scene in Kill Bill Vol.1.
Thanks for playing!

np bro.

The perfect scene to make a game of. I liked this very much


Hey, thanks a lot for featuring my game - really appreciate it! :D

P.S. - The actress you were thinking of was Uma Thurman, and you were right - they're called the Crazy 88's (you should trust your instincts more!) ;o)

Yes, Uma Thurman! My mind was boggled yesterday so I couldn't figure out her name. And I'm pretty stoked that I got the Crazy 88's right! It's been a very long time since I've seen the movie.

Fantastic fun! This was one of the scenes I nearly opted for - but you did a far better job than I could have!

Hey, thanks a lot! :D
You're very kind, but I'm sure you would've nailed it too - you're turn next time! ;o)

I love it! I had a lot of fun :D

Hey, thanks a lot - glad you enjoyed it! :D