My #TweetTweetJam entry is: CANAB-8
(A clone of @ADAMATOMIC's "Canabalt" in 560 chars)


  • Press [X] to Jump (and also to Restart)


  • Hitting crates will slow you down if going too fast
  • But going too slow may make jumps harder
  • Top of the screen shows your run distance and time taken

Don't forget to share screenshots of your best Distance and Times using hashtag #Canab8



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I love how the speed scales just as it does in Canabalt! And those birds look awesome. :P


Thanks Andrew - the pain was all worth it just for the birbs! :D


Good  game. I like the simple art, but the game idea is not too original.


I know it's not at all original, but it was an entry for a recent Jam on and I decided to try to do a port of one of my favourite flash games (even though all the code cannot exceed 560 characters!)