My entry to the #LOWREZJAM and made with #Pico8, using a display of only 64x32 pixels and only 16 colours, is a new spin on an old classic!


  • Arrows = Move player left/right/crouch
  • Z = Kick
  • X = Fire laser - when you get the gun at Level 3
    • (Hold for a few seconds and release to create a defence shield)
    • (Hold for longer to release a BLAST to destroy enemy shields)
  • ENTER = Menu


  • Endless number of levels* 
    • (Theoretically!)
  • Several classes of enemies to survive from:
    • Water tentaclesDon't linger too long next to the pool!
    • WormsIf they sting you, it's game over!
    • SoldiersThey will use all their skills to defeat you!

       "A classic made even more!"
                    Johan Peitz ‏ @johanpeitz



  • v1.2:
    • ADD: Music and SFX! (+can be toggled on/off in menu)
    • ADD: Auto-save of progress (+menu option to reset progress)
    • FIX: Player collision hitbox
  • v1.1
    • ADD: "Elevator door" (kinda) transition at start of Titles
    • FIX: Double-play of "gun pickup" cutscene
  • v1.0: Initial version

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorPaul Nicholas (Liquidream)
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, PICO-8, Retro

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Great game, remember the great gameplay and the atmophere of the orginal game. An amazing little game to play when you dont have a lot of time to play, simple, efficient and very well done. Thanore the art is great!

Thanks a lot for your kind words - glad you enjoyed it! 😊

everybody leaves chill comments below, when me is raging and leaving with a bad mood after stage 10. impossible.

Ha! You probably don't wanna see this screenshot of @asobitech reaching Wave 22 then! :D
(Don't ask me how he did it - da boyz got skillz!)


Takes me back!


Today I played Another World on PS4. Yours is really well done. I am always surprised by what it is possible to do using PICO. I am an Unity user, but sometimes it seems to me that I should try PICO - just for fun. Thank you for this game. I wish you the best ++

Thank you very much. I love the original so much (played it a lot in the 90's), but the new/remastered version is really great too - gives it a new lease of life!
I can wholeheartedly recommend PICO-8, it's just so much fun - and also great for prototyping.
Also, please don't judge its capabilities on this game - as I used only a quarter of the resolution available, because it was entered into a #LOWREZJAM.
If you do decide to give PICO-8 a go - feel free to reach out to me, or any others in the #pico8 community on Twitter, or the official forum/BBS.
All the best

Ok. Thank you for your advice. I start today :)