Low Mem Sky: L A S T

Welcome, to Low Mem Sky: L A S T

This update brings almost all the features that were originally planned.
You can now: dock with space stations for trading, fly around the galaxy in five different classes of ships, discover new alien and artificial life, all the while having your progress automatically saved so you can continue where you left off.

I hope you enjoy the "LAST" update to Low Mem Sky - and don't forget to share any cool planets/aliens/discoveries on Twitter, using the #LowMemSkySnaps hashtag!

Enjoy! :D

  • What's New/Changed in v1.2:
    • ADD: Can now dock with space stations!
    • ADD: Trading resources, components, ships at space stations
      (with system-varying prices)
    • ADD: Ship paint jobs
    • ADD: Five different ship classes - all with different specs
      (speed, capacity, warp range)
    • ADD: Realistic* wake (and depth) when walking through water
    • ADD: Water ripple effect
    • ADD: Auto-save & Restore of progress, inventory, etc.
    • ADD: Wipe saved data menu option (use with caution!)
    • ADD: Seven base types of species (land, water and air-based)
    • ADD: Sentinel AI
    • ADD: Anti-piracy measures
    • ADD: Resources now discoverable on radar (even if “used”)
    • ADD: Added “Call Ship” feature (only when a distance from ship)
    • ADD: Can now "boost" your ship around the system with Pulse Engine
    • CHG: Improved planet surface rendering
    • CHG: Improved planet surface generation
    • CHG: Optimised star system rendering performance
    • CHG: Optimised planet surface rendering performance
    • CHG: More variety of resources/life on planets
    • CHG: New “shuttle” starter ship
    • CHG: Now inventory is capped at ship capacity
    • CHG: Remapped system flight controls (now more consistent)
    • CHG: Improved radars
    • CHG: Improved warp sequence
    • CHG: Now returns to planet take-off position
    • FIX: Distance calculation bug
    • FIX: Now possible to get closer to galactic core
    • FIX: Planet and station spacing (no more overlaps)

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