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The music is just *perfect* for that "I am alone in space" vibe.


This game is so chill and nice. The music is nice and the vibe is so comfy. Thanks. 

What incredible thing, I do not understand anything about developing games, I wonder if to make something of the graphic quality of stardew valley? I will support for sure, and please if the project continues bring to smartphones :)

Thanks a lot :D

I agree, something with cute graphics like that would be really cool.
Who knows what the future brings, but either way - something like that would take a long time to create!

I imagine this started just as a joke, but I loved the idea, if you decide to continue the project will have my help :)

I really like the game. The simple assets, the music, the generation of planets. It feels kind of like the actual game even though I haven't played the actual game.

There are clearly some features missing from the game but thats ok. I'm just not really sure what I'm supposed to do in the game and what the things I pick up do or how I use them. 

I'm wondering if its even possible to beat the game and get to the center of the universe?

Thanks a lot! :D

Yeah, the plant resources are kinda pointless in this build (ran out of time).
But the Warp Cells are important if you wanna travel to other systems.

As for the game being beatable, who knows?
(Nah, not really in this build - more of a glorified tech demo in it's current state)

Thanks for playing :D

But how do you get Warp Cells in game?

You can find them dotted about in red containers/cargo drops on the planet surface.
Alternatively, you can purchase them at Space Stations - but your credits will disappear rapidly! :D

Great work! Loved just chilling out and exploring in my ship. The music pairs with the game really well. Excited to check in later and see where you've taken it!

Cool stuff!

So currently, I assume you can't really do anything with any of the stuff you pick up?  

It's more about exploring?

Alas yes, for now.
I was focusing more on making the procedural system/planet/surface generation, that time got away from me.
You can use any Warp Cells you pickup (and can't really warp without them!)
Hoping to update this in future to allow you to use/trade any resources you collect (+allow mining, etc.)

Anyway, you've already cornered the market on Space Trading! :P


Hahaha!  I think you focused on exactly the right things for now.

Amazing!  Can't wait to see what else you can fit into that little memory!  :D


That's a super impressive number of star systems to explore (spending about a minute in each one, it'd take over 343,194 years to see them all!!) For that reason alone I think you have nailed this demake, great job. Looking forward to seeing where this goes NEXT :D

Thanks bud - you are the King of Play-Testers!
#LeavesNoBugUnfound #Hopefully


AWESOME!!! I'm gonna have to take my laptop on holiday now just so I can play this!!!!!! Yay! You're my hero!

Thanks Roy, as always :D
Have a great time away!  ;o)

You know, I'm sat here alone drinking Jack Daniels and coke. I've had a little play and the music at this point in time is so chilling. I'll post a video later though.


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